Stimulating Collagen Production

The microneedling treatment involves tiny needles oscillating up and down in a vertical plane to create tiny controlled punctures in this skin. This then stimulates the healing process and production of collagen and elastin.

Microneedling Prices

1 treatment


Face and Neck


Microneedling and Chemical Peel Package - £270

Microneedling and Chemical Peel Face and Neck Package - £370

Image of customer before and after microneedling treatment.
Here you can see how pink this patient went straight after her treatment compared to her fully healed result one week after her second treatment.

Rejuvenate your skin

Microneedling is a great treatment to rejuvenate the skin, increase luminosity, reduce large pores and acne scarring. In clinic we use the Derma FNS pen from SkinMed, it is the preferred needling device of Prof Tony Chu, leading Dermatologist and founder of the Acne and Rosacea Association UK. Most needling devices on the market use a spring to pull the needles back before reinserting. The Derma FNS pen is the only pen on the market to use a unique motor that fully retracts the needles back before reinserting, this reduces the dragging effect that other devices have.

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A Bissett
A Bissett
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Had my first micro needling session with Rebecca almost two weeks ago. The pain was very mild and caused my usually wimpy self very little discomfort which I was very pleased with! I was a little unsure of what to expect from the results however two weeks later I can say that my skin feels noticeably tighter, my fine lines appear finer and I have baby smooth skin!
A Bissett
A Bissett
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With just 2 sessions of microneedling my skin is starting to look brighter, smoother and pores reduced. Before it was dull, tired and I used to use a lot of makeup and highlighter to give my skin a more glowy look, now I no longer have to do that.
L Lockwood
L Lockwood
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After my initial consultation with Rebecca to discuss my areas of concern, I felt confident to progress with my treatment and I couldn’t be happier! Rebecca was friendly, professional and my results were fantastic.
J Waller
J Waller
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I had a treatment recently with Rebecca, it was fantastic and I didn’t feel a thing! Becca is very thorough and gentle and the aftercare advice is brilliant. I would highly recommend Hopkinson aesthetics and I can’t wait to return for many more treatments!

Frequently Asked Questions

A consultation is carried out before the treatment to check suitability and to ensure it is safe for you have.

Straight after the treatment you are left quite pink, ideally you won’t want to make any plans for the rest of the day. Results may be visible as early as 1-2 weeks following the treatment. For the best results a course of treatments is recommended, typically 3 treatments carried out at 4-6 weeks apart.

The results are dependent on how well the individual responds to the treatment.

Numbing cream is applied before this treatment to help make the patient more comfortable. Some discomfort may still be felt but most patients find it quite relaxing.

Infection may happen as with any procedure that breaks the skin. It is important to follow the aftercare advice. An allergic reaction to the products used is always a potential risk, it is important to be open and candid before the treatment and follow the aftercare advice to minimise risk.

It can be used to treat the face, back or chest.